Motor Insurance

Motor (Car & Two wheeler) Insurance Claim Process Guide
Motor insurance comes as a much-needed respite in the event of an accident that may cause damage to your vehicle. Insurance claims help pay for the repair of the vehicle and other financial issues incurred. While you can opt for the reimbursement claim process, choosing cashless claims method is an absolute convenience. All you have to do is get your car repaired at any of our network garages that’s closest to you and we will settle the bills directly with the garage.

Family Health Insurance

Our life revolves around our family. Securing their medical need should always be your top priority. Can you imagine something more important than your family? No, right? Then why let their health, happiness and financial stability be at stake? With growing risk of diseases and skyrocketing medical treatment expenses, a sound health insurance policy is the shield around your family.

Health topup schemes

Think Health Insurance and a hundred questions pop up in your mind. First among them being, how much insurance cover do I need? While some feel capable enough to self-finance their healthcare treatment if and when need arises; others feel satisfied with their existing insurance cover. But what if the illness is way too critical and expenses tower beyond what you ever imagined or could afford? Considering the growing medical inflation, you sure don’t want that extra burden turning your world upside down.Which is why, at SPE Health Insurance, we have designed Enhance – a high deductible Super Top Up health insurance for you and your family. With Enhance, you have that extra safety net of insurance coverage which works on the principle of policy deductible. Simply choose your comfort level in terms of the deductible you can manage (either by self-financing or any other insurance) along with your desired Sum Insured and stay worry free when it comes to you and your family’s current and future healthcare needs.

How does it work?

Top Up Health Insurance works on the simple principle of Policy Deductible, which is the predefined amount that you will bear, through your own finances or any other insurance, during a medical event. Any amount over and above policy deductible will be borne by us. Simply put, if you opt for a Rs. 6 lac Sum Insured with deductible of Rs. 2 lac, then 2 lac will be borne by you and 6 lac over and above the deductible of 2 lac will be borne by us during the policy period.

Senior Citizen Insurance

Old age brings with itself several ailments that are expensive to treat and care for. Health insurance for Senior Citizens is offered by various insurance companies, specifically for people who are aged 65 years and above. These health insurance schemes readily cover any kind of medical expenses incurred by customers.

The older we get, the more our physical and mental stress over finances and the ability to afford good healthcare. A senior citizen health insurance plan is designed to offer financial aid for medical treatments to individuals over 60 years of age in their hour of need. Senior citizen health insurance plans offer critical illness cover, cashless hospitalisation, pre-existing disease cover, and a higher sum assured.

With increasing age comes the additional risk of contracting diseases and falling sick. Since, the later years of an individual’s life are physically more challenging and financially less sound, having a medical insurance scheme to take care of any urgent medical expenditure is a clever move.

Personal Accident Inssurance

Have​ you ever wondered what would happen if you suffer from an accident or injury that affects your ability to work? Here’s everything you need to know about personal accident insurance cover. A Personal Accident Insurance offers financial compensation in the event of bodily injuries leading to total/partial disability or death caused due to accidents. This policy ensures the financial stability of an individual and his family if he/she gets injured or unfortunately ​dies in an accident.

Critical Illness Cover

Most suited health plan, said to be the perfect partner during critical times, this plan will take away your financial worries and let you focus on health. Our critical illness insurance ensures there’s no dent on your savings. It is a smart move made well in advance to prevent life threatening diseases such as cancer, stroke, etc from draining your savings. Lower premiums and bigger coverage help you focus on your health without any financial stress.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance plan is essentially a contract between an individual and an insurance company. Under the contract, the policyholder pays a certain sum of money as a premium to the insurance company. In return, the insurer promises to pay a specific sum of money to help cover all financial expenses in case the policyholder experiences a catastrophic event.

In simple terms, life insurance is one of the simple ways you can ensure that your pockets and financial plans are not severely affected by an unforeseen contingency like sudden hospitalization, disability, or death.

Home Loan Insurance

If you’ve Zeroed in your dream home, making that dream into a reality needs the important vitamin ‘M’ – Money. Not everyone has the financial muscle to be able to put up the entire funding, so a home loan is a necessity to bridge that gap, between what you have and how much the house costs. We help understand the types of loans you get based on a home.

Home Purchase Loan
This is the basic home loan for the purchase of a new home.

Home Improvement Loan
These loans are given for implementing repair works and renovations in a home that has already been purchased by you. External work like structural repairs or waterproofing and internal work like tiling, plumbing, electrical work, painting, flooring, etc. remains to be done even after you’ve bought the house. This is when a home improvement loan comes in handy.

Home Construction Loan
This loan is available for the construction of a new home.

Home Extension loan
This is given for expanding or extending an existing home. You could avail of this loan if you want to build a floor or expand it but only after you obtain the requisite approvals from the municipal and town authorities.

Home Conversion loan
Simply put, this loan enables you to transfer your current loan (which you took to buy your house) to the new house, thereby providing you with additional finances for the incremental cost of the new house-which means, you can move to your new house without having to pre-pay your existing loan.

Land Purchase Loan
This loan is available for purchase of land for both, construction or investment purposes. If you’ve opted to invest in land instead of buying a flat in town, you could apply for a land purchase loan. You could later apply for a construction loan separately to build your dream home on the land.


Child insurance

Successful parenting is no mean accomplishment. A huge contributor to this success is financial planning for your child’s future needs at the right age! There is really no better gift you can give your child, than the promise of a secure future with YoungStar Child Plans that encompass child insurance plans & child education plans from SPE Enterprises. This Birthday, gift your child a secure future & career to watch her soar high to fulfill her dreams with child investment plans by SPE Enterprises.

Home Insurance

Home Insurance offers protection to the house owner, in the event of physical destruction or damage caused to the home building by fire and allied perils like storm, tempest, flood and inundation. It also offers protection to the loss or damage caused to the household articles placed within the house. Key Features of the Home Building insurance

Policy can be taken for a longer tenure of up to 20 years.
Sum Insured should reflect the reconstruction cost, in the event of a total loss.
Facility to include the financier’s name in the policy.
Key Features of the Home Contents insurance
Coverage available for contents, appliances, mobile phones, lap top & jewelry.
No asset declaration or invoices needed at the time of taking the cover.
Policy can be taken for a tenure of up to 3 years.